Equipment rental

We have a wide range of rental equipment available for short term and long term rental. Our rental fleet consists of hydraulic power packs (HPU), fluid storage tanks with steam coil and agitator, hydraulic and air operated pumps, manifolds, hoses and diverter valves. Contact us for more information about our equipment and services

30m3 Slop tank

Storage Tanks (30 m³)

Slop tanks with steam coil and agitator, specially designed for storage of hazardous fluids.


Hydraulic Power Units

HPU units of various sizes and configurations for onshore and offshore use.



Fluid manifolds with up to 6 connection points, ideal for well clean up operations.


Hydraulic Operated Pumps​

ORS have several types of hydraulic operated pumps available for rental.


Air Operated Pumps

We supply air operated diapraghm pumps of various sizes and configurations, ideal for pumping viscous liquids.


Diverter Valves

Diverter valve skids for a variety of applications where it is required to divert or bypass fluid.


Hydraulic Control Panels

Hydraulic control panels for remote operation of hydraulic operated equipment.

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ORS has a varied selection of high pressure and low pressure valves available for rent.


Fluid Coolers

Low pressure fluid coolers approved for oil, water and air.

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